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Working with equipment

Interaction with equipment

The wildcore system can communicate with the hardware via snmp version 2c, via console(ssh/telnet), as well as via API (for RouterOS).

It is possible to specify ports in equipment access if your network uses non-standard ports

Setting the parameters for working with equipment

Poll equipment

Getting standardized output via switcher-core modules

Any interaction with the system is performed by calling certain modules switcher-core. Each vendor and model has its own set of modules. The list of supported modules by hardware can be obtained with the command

wca switcher-core:modules DEVICE_IP

Displaying information in the web interface

The system is aimed at displaying "live" information from the equipment.

But, considering that an acceptable page loading speed is also needed, we made a compromise in the form of response caching. To view what information was received from the system cache and what from the equipment - expand the "Meta info" (Status-info) block on the equipment page with interfaces / in the ONU. The screenshot above shows the name of the module, as well as the source from which the data was received:

  • from cache (DATE) - data received from the cache, and DATE indicates the date this data was added to the cache
  • online - data received from the equipment.

If you need to get "live" data - click the "Reload info" button (refreshing the page may take some time. Usually 15-30 seconds)

It is also worth considering that some of the data can be displayed with Prometheus (for example, signal levels) and the "Reload info" button will not update this information. For more details on what data and on what equipment are taken from Prometheus, see the description of the components, by the type of equipment you need

Global settings