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Billing NoDeny plus integration

About the Component

The component allows you to interact with NoDeny plus billing.


  • Diagnostic window in the client card inside billing olts olts
  • Searching over client MAC-addresses
    Wildcore used table mac_uid for compare MAC-Addresses
  • Global search by name in WildcoreDMS
  • Link to client card inside billing from Wildcore olts


  • NoDeny plus
  • Wildcore, version 0.18+


In billing

  1. Download latest version of module from github - meklis/wildcore-nodeny-module
  2. Install module in billing using Nodeny instruction
  3. Create user in nodeny database (with grants - SELECT), for wildcore
  4. Configure module in billing
    • From admin go to Settings->Modules->WildcoreDMS olts
    • Web address of wildcore system, for example -
    • User auth key. The block below describes how to generate a key
    • Where to get diagnostic data from. Could be from cache or device. If a cache is specified, to update the diag data you need to click 'update' on the device on the wildcore page

In Wildcore

Configure component

After update, when component nodeny_plus is installed, go to
Configuration->System configuration->TAB Configuration and scroll to NoDeny plus block.

Description of parameters
1. Address of nodeny billing, with /cgi-bin/
For example -
Its parameter used for creating links to billing from wildcore interface
2. Database connection string, in PDO format.
Example of connection string -;dbname=nodeny_db;charset=utf8, where
- - server address with nodeny database
- nodeny_db - nodeny database name
3. Username for nodeny database
4. Password for nodeny database
5. If its option is enabled, when client MAC address found, founded interfaces by description will filtered. The description must match the name on the billing
6. If its option is enabled, system will check topology(links)
If a link is detected, this port will be ignored

Check for wildcore URL is correct in Web panel block

Example of URL -

After finish config - click 'Save' in top of page

Generate auth key for billing

Open console in server and write command

sudo wca user:generate-key admin 365d
* admin - username in wildcore system. Billing will be used from its user; * 365d - key expiration Output will be as
| ID  | User         | Key                                  | Expired At          |
| 121 | ID: 1        | e6cadf08-e4d3-42b3-b48b-bf0a86393b38 | 2024-09-19 19:32:47 |
|     | Login: admin |                                      |                     |
|     | Name: Admin  |                                      |                     |
Then, save key e6cadf08-e4d3-42b3-b48b-bf0a86393b38. Its key will be used in billing